Lawyers & entrepreneurs.

We share the passion for your business as we are serial entrepreneurs ourselves.

This mindset means maximum efficiency. On a case by case basis, we can be either academic, nimble or demanding – sometimes it takes just one phone call for us to fix everything. Our real-world business experience also has practical benefits for you. Since we know the possible pitfalls from growing our own start-ups, good legal advice comes naturally. And to top it off, because we do business in the industries we love, we are full of passion and great inspiration.

Below, you can find some select examples of companies and projects in which SCHMITSPARTNERS lawyers have been either co-founder, investor or CEO and have thus acquired profound business insight:

Media / Television

Two Examples

C Music TV is an award-winning music television channel dedicated to classical and soundtrack music videos. After nearly a decade of growth the channel was bought by the Canadian stock listed Stingray Digital Group plc in 2017.


We aggregated the first Malta language only television channel bouquet that is currently being distributed by the Australian IPTV network FLI!P TV to the Maltese language community down-under.

Sports / Entertainment

Two Examples

Set up in 2010 hip90 was one of the first online fitness platforms in the D.A.CH region allowing users to access over 200 fitness videos online and train in the comfort of their own home. hip90 is based on a subscription business model, charging customers a monthly fee for the use of the service.


Dubai based Valora Digital is a technology data platform that allows football fans to rate sports stars through a real-time engine and thus transports sports passion into meaningful data for sports media, brands and clubs.

Digital Disruption